Monday, 28 March 2011

Hi dino story: Mouse disco.

Poor hi dino. He never did get to go to the disco after all.

I whip ma hair back and forth, i whip ma hair back and fort..

Hi dino dosent make a fantastic popstar to be quete honest. Thats a wig as i have helpfully labeled and has paint dripping off messily like in the video. Urghh.. The video.
Has anyone heard that song? Its the most anoying thing in the world and its not even gramaticly correct! Sort of.... Anyway. Im going to find out how to allow comments when your not sighned in because my mum said that she tried to comment earlier but she dident get round to it.

Dancing in tha moonlight...

Hi dino likes dancing. Dosent he look pretty?
My sister, who is 14, dances alot. I mean alot. I often find her doing the cellblock tango in variouse rooms of the house; so dancing is on my mind alot at the moment.


Hi dino is surprised by the purple thing also known as RAWR dino from earlier posts.
Well, Ive decided on weekdays (unless im on holiday or otherwise ocupied) i will do a post or more a day and due to the awfull thing that is lazyness, not at the weekend...

Friday, 25 March 2011




Hes a teenager isent he? Sticking to the sterio type....
Well, it may not be better than the red nose one but its just as good so i still kept my promise! In the next post im doing a little story of about 3 pictures. I will probaly do this once a week :P Im realy getting obsessed now arent i? Oh and sorry about the masses and masses of posts a day. I will probaly calm down after a few days. By monday i will of completly forgotton about hi dino and his world. :)

This is what happens when you use new things...

Poor Hi dino.

The new version of paint is incredably hard to use! I couldent even find the undo button! I may have to eat it. Thankfully im only using this version becausse its on my computer which i got a couple of years ago. Dont worry, all pictures will be done on the correct computer from now on.


Hi dino likes burgers.
He seems to be speaking TO the burger. Well thats what everyone does dont they? No? Just me?
OBVIOUSLY hes at McDonalds, juging from the colour of his salad its a radioactive McDonalds. Most of them are though.

What the....?

In this picture the whole world is coming to an end from confusion. I want you to try and guess what's happening.
I thought it looked like he had turned into a plane and is attached to an evil troll baby. My Mum thought the evil troll baby had turned him into a rug and was now walking on him. There is a logical explanation for this but I'm not telling. This is one of my FAIL hi dino pics.


Yes, comic relief has gone and fineshed but hi dino decided he wanted to join in. He looks truly smashing.
Im going to the doctors today so i managed a post in the morning but this is not going  to become frequent. I will probaly do one this evening aswell though. Probaly a slightly better one.

Thursday, 24 March 2011


Hi dino had a friend aparently.
Another creation from my school book (probaly spanish) that has ascaped. Well i ghess he can keep Hi dino happy.

Winter nearly gone.

WEll, winter is on the edge at the moment and today we discovered the sun (gasp!) but sadly hi dino obviously has bad central heating. Being a student and all.
And yes, those are socks.

Hi dino has a life.

Hi dino has miraculously created himself a human life.  I wonder who  came  up with  that! He now goes to school.
This is probaly colledge because i think hes about 19-21 so hes not my little baby anymore :'( all in the space of about 10 minetes.

3rd post. YAY!

Hi dino aparenty likes too be a dog in his spare time. Check him out.
Ive decided i will do as many posts on here a day as i flippin want. So gets ready for regular updates.

2nd post of the day. Almost right after the first one.

Hi dino likes his football. And he just happened to be lounging around when i barged in and took a photo.
 Poor little guy.


This, is hi dino. He lives... I dont know where he lives. But one day i just drew him in a random school book  and here he is. I quete like him. I liked him so much that i think he deserved a blog. So here it is.
         This is his first picture and it is the original him. So go him.
          I plan to do a post a day with a picture in each one but im not sure i can stick to this if its too demanding. I dont think it will be though.